Do you love travel? Do you love words? Do you love discovering new things? If so, please join me. I am a lifelong traveler who is starting this blog thing pretty late in life. I have past and future travel adventures to document and would be delighted if you would join me. I do have a few suggestions for my fellow travel companions so you can gain the most from the journey:

  • Travel light. Always. You never know when you need to dash to catch a train, stuff yourself and five friends into a tiny cab or squeeze into a miniscule Paris hotel.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. See above about dashing, stuffing and squeezing. It’s a lot easier if you are comfortable.
  • Become a temporary local. I have always been inspired by Rick Steves‘ philosophy of traveling like a temporary local. You’ll discover the true essence of the place and its people. Embrace what makes it special, unique and sometimes uncomfortable and you will be richer for the experience.
  • Love the weird. The weirder the better. If it’s something you would never do normally, do it now. Travel gives you permission to explore outside your comfort zone. Do it.
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