Gettin’ our Kicks

Bouffage | bu-FWAJ | (noun) a grand feast; derived from the French for “any meat that fills the mouth and makes the cheeks to swell.” Since my travels are currently confined to the continental United States, it’s no surprise that the nostalgic siren song of the Mother Road would lure me to explore its storiedContinue reading “Gettin’ our Kicks”

The Intrepid Eremite

Intrepid | in-TREP-id | (adjective) fearless; adventurous; dauntless. Travel at its core is designed to bring people together. It’s a voyage of discover that entails sharing and intermingling with others. As I embarked on this journey to share travel experiences with others, I never dreamed I would be launching in a world where travel …Continue reading “The Intrepid Eremite”

Here we go …

Resfeber | RAs-fA-ber | (Swedish) The restless race of a traveler’s heart before the journey begins when anxiety and anticipation meet. The first step on my figurative and literal journey is to start logging travels, intermingled with stories of the people and places discovered along the way and a sprinkling of lost words. My hopeContinue reading “Here we go …”