The Geologic Wonders of Kansas: Post Rock Scenic Byway

Ashlar | ashˈ lər | (noun) Hewn or cut stone. As we wrapped up our delightful stop in Lucas, we had come to realize that art was simply everywhere in this little Kansas town ~ from back yards to public restrooms to telephone poles ~ even ‘neath Lake Wilson. It was accessible art, art thatContinue reading “The Geologic Wonders of Kansas: Post Rock Scenic Byway”

Lucas Kansas Grassroots Art

Meraki | may rahˈ kee | (adjective) Greek word used to describe doing something with soul, creativity or love. Putting something of yourself into what you are doing. Our folk art inspired tour of Lucas continued with stops at the Grassroots Art Center and Switchgrass Artist Cooperative. We started at Switchgrass, which is an eclecticContinue reading “Lucas Kansas Grassroots Art”

Rocktown Trail and Wilson Lake

Amenable | əˈmēn ə bəl | (adjective) Open and responsive to suggestions. As we continued our exploration of roadside attractions in Lucas, Kansas, it looked like we were going to have to adjust our loose itinerary right off the bat. Although I was disappointed that the World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions ofContinue reading “Rocktown Trail and Wilson Lake”