The Intrepid Eremite


| in-TREP-id | (adjective) fearless; adventurous; dauntless.

Travel at its core is designed to bring people together. It’s a voyage of discover that entails sharing and intermingling with others. As I embarked on this journey to share travel experiences with others, I never dreamed I would be launching in a world where travel … and contact with others … would be dangerous or even forbidden. So where is a wandering wordsmith to turn amidst a worldwide pandemic — when flights are cancelled and passports rendered worthless? How about starting a voyage of discovery that is a little more self contained and a little closer to home?

So through necessity, we found ourselves the proud owners of a 21-foot Wolf Pup camper. It was the perfect solution — a self-contained pod where we could cook, eat, sleep, shower, write and hit the road again. A home away from home that provided convenience and freedom.

So with my trusty notebook, laptop and very cooperative husband/travel companion, we set out to discover our own country from the open road. Since it’s 2020, our destinations tend to be quiet, sparsely populated and off the beaten path. Perfect destinations during a pandemic. Stay tuned for some of our tales. We are glad to have you aboard.

Eremite, meaning hermit, has its roots in the ancient Greek adjective, eremos, often used to describe a solitary, desolate place. Of course, in its geographic place of origin, it would have referred to a desert. However, eremos properly refers to a deserted place, a place that is abandoned, uncultivated and a little wild.

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